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Whoever decides to be a sheep will soon find his wolf. –Unknown

What is The Republican Party Network?

If our Constitutional Republic is to survive, the GOP must become a party of activists ready to educate, organize, and mobilize voters to support the basic values that created the American culture of success.  

Break free from the GOP's top-down corporate policies and have immediate access to Republicans from around the country in a highly energized and interactive community.

By unifying GOP club leaders, members, and Republican voters, we can educate, organize, and mobilize to restore election integrity, the dignity and self-worth of the family, and the safety and civility in our communities. 

You are invited to become a member of the Republican Party Network Community and join with Republicans to take the cause of liberty to our local communities and neighborhoods.  

With your membership and support, we can restore the GOP to a values-driven party, where faith, family, and freedom drive the election of Republican candidates. 

A National Emergency Exists in America

We have a national emergency in America.  Antifa, Black Lives Matter, 1619 Project proponents, and Critical Race Theory advocates are a well-funded coalition of organizations with one singular goal: Destroy our Constitutional Republic and replace it with a Marxist/Socialist regime.  

The Republican Party Network was created to fight back, and we invite Republican club leaders, members, and rank and file Republicans to become members of the Republican Party Network Community. 

The Republican Party Network is a community of activists, action-oriented Republicans who want to change the Republican Party from the inside-out and bottom-up. 

We are of all ages, from all backgrounds, and in every state and community. While we have diverse interests and opinions, we have one thing in common: to do everything in our power to defeat the Marxist/socialist take over of America. 

Educate - Organize - Mobilize

To capture the hearts and minds of the American people and especially their votes, Republicans at all levels must educate, organize, and mobilize around our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.  

With the same passion and enthusiasm of our Founders, the Republican Party Network Community is educating the American people on the real story of our country's founding and history, organizing Republicans to join and be active members of our Republican clubs, and mobilizing Republicans everywhere to stand up to the bullying tactics of the Democrat Party.

Personal Reward and Success

Experience exclusive content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else. The RPN connects you with Republicans around the country through workshops, postings, courses, expert speakers, coaching, events, training, conferences, and national meetings. Below are just a few of the programs and activities waiting for you as a member of the RPN community.  

RPN Support and Information

  • Rebranding the GOP – Every week, the RPN holds a 30-minute virtual event to engage remotely with members on strategies and practices to transform the GOP into an activist, action-oriented party. 
  • Action Café – Once a month, RPN members learn from each other about action strategies to increase Republican voters in their clubs and organizations.   
  • Chalk Talk - Every Saturday, a commentary and analysis of the week are available for check-in. Share, respond, and get caught up on the latest big ideas from the past week. 
  • Community Coaching – You receive direct feedback on your great ideas to move your club from "good" to "great."

RPN Learning and Engagement

  • Creating a Republican Club from scratch - You have access to our startup RPN step-by-step guide to bringing a Republican Club to life in your community. 
  • Issue Organizing Campaign - Online RPN sessions and mini-courses to educate, organize, and mobilize campaigns and elections around issues that matter to voters.
  • Monthly Book Club - Every day, there is a new book on the "America First" agenda.  To keep up, RPN facilitators will lead an interactive conversation on the latest ideas and innovative thinking to help GOP club leaders and members create or build on their own "America First" agenda.  
  • Town Hall National Meetings - Each month, PRN members will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with special guests. 

RPN Members Ready To Take a Deep Dive

  • Your Club’s Strength-Based Audit and Workshop -  People tend to think about what they don't do well or their problems and deficits. The RPN emphasizes the strengths of GOP clubs and their potential for success over weaknesses.  When you join with an annual membership, the RPN will conduct a strength-based audit of your GOP club and tailor a strength-based "America First" workshop for you and your members. 
  • Bootcamp for Candidates - Thinking about running for office or being a campaign manager.  From school boards to US Senate, this multi-sessional program is exclusively for RPN members.  Club leaders are encouraged to participate and discover great and wonderful strategies for making sure you have the best possible "America First" candidates running for office.   
  • Live On-Line Sessions - If conditions are right, RPN can arrange an online session with you and your club members.  From a general discussion to a specific training program, a member of the RPN team can create a great learning experience for your club members.
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